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Store your stocks on pallets known for their reliability for 33 years

Making a pallet is not a great feat. But to make sturdy pallets that are accurate to the millimetre, can be reliably loaded for years, and can be stacked without damage, you need expertise, excellent materials and the best machines. Bestpallet Ltd., a joint venture between K&V International Logistics and the Szilágyi family, has been building every pallet in this spirit for 33 years.
Our belief in impeccable quality is the motivation behind the continuous expansion of our company's facilities and technological improvements. Our name commits us to offering the best available in all our product categories, whether it's standard UIC-EUR and EPAL pallets, or custom sized and so-called one-way pallets, which, contrary to their name, are capable of much more.


Manufacturing with attention to detail

We have one of the most modern and innovative production lines in Hungary, which allows us to produce large quantities of pallets in a short time, while maintaining our trademark high quality. Our manufacturing excellence is guaranteed by our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


Clean manufacturing

At Bestpallet, all production takes place on 4 hectares of mud-free, solid pavement premises, in covered, heated, water- and dust-free halls. The finished pallets are de-dusted and de-fibred using a special machine, unique in Hungary, to produce pallets with a completely clean, aesthetic and smooth surface.

Keeping it dry the entire time

After production, the pallets are dried and heat treated in our ISPM 15 certified high-capacity drying rooms and then stored in our 50,000 pallet storage halls until sale. They are also cooled in a dry place, which prevents mould and staining.

Sufficient capacity

Our STORTI automated pallet element production line, unique in Hungary, can produce 50.000 pallets per month, which requires 3000 m3 pallet elements from our stock of wood raw material. In addition, we have an additional 50,000 m3 of harvestable wood from sustainable sources to ensure a continuous supply of raw material.


Sustainable production

We operate with almost 100% zero waste: we use sawdust and wood chips from production to heat our seven high-capacity drying rooms and our entire factory. The rest of our by-products are sold, and our customers use them for heating and gardening.
Our employees work in heated halls throughout our site, under fair working conditions of European standards.


Offering high-standard delivery

Bestpallet offers our customers two options for the delivery of their pallets. On the one hand, K&V International Logistics, our co-owner and provider of the highest quality service in transport matters, carries out ad hoc deliveries as well as contracted, regular deliveries, even on a just-in-time basis.
On the other hand, we also offer our customers the possibility to pick up and deliver the palettes they have purchased from our premises themselves.

We welcome you to our premises in Nyíradony, where you can personally get to know the quality of our products, production and services.
Alternatively, watch our introductory video below!

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4254, Nyíradony suburb, location number 0584/30, Hungary

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