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Built tough for hassle-free stacking


Quality palettes from a company built on quality

Is there a difference between a pallet and a pallet? You bet there is! If you want to store your supplies on high quality pallets for their entire life, you won't be disappointed with Bestpallet's robust, smooth-surfaced pallets that are dry and durable enough to last.

Our millimetre-precise pallets work precisely and uninterrupted with automated warehouse management systems, and their spotless cleanliness makes them suitable for storing more sensitive products intended for human consumption, including pharmaceuticals.
In our 33 years of business, we have learned everything we can about wood and how to use our innovative tools to get the best out of this excellent renewable resource to the satisfaction of our customers.


Discover our high quality, in-house produced pallets in standard and custom sizes, as well as our used pallets and sawmill by-products.


Our Services

In addition to the production of our own products, we provide flawless, scheduled execution of tasks related to woodworking projects in the following areas:


Production of pallet elements


Contract Sawmilling

BESTPALLET reklám 1-52 screenshot.png

Heat treatment, fumigation


Purchase of used pallets


Bestpallet reliability - delivered on pallets


Quality you can touch

Bestpallet pallets are true to their name: they are unique in the market for their dimensional accuracy, aesthetics and smooth surface finish, thanks to carefully selected materials and innovative manufacturing technology. But above all, they are dry and durable. Their purity also makes them suitable for storing products for human consumption. They can withstand years of storage and transport, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing wastage.


Even at extreme short notice

Our precise production scheduling and our state-of-the-art production line's outstanding productivity allow us to meet very short deadlines for orders that come in off-schedule. And our highly qualified delivery partners ensure that the finished pallets reach their destination on time and in the expected flawless quality.


Permanent stock

We have a stock of 50,000 new palettes in our premises, which are stored in moisture-proof, covered warehouses on dust-free concrete floors to maintain the premium quality of our products.

We have the capacity to produce 3000 standard or custom sized pallets per day to the millimetre, in wood-cut or pressed capitals, or to meet special customer requirements.


Long-term partner

Our 33 years of success are proof that we are serious about providing a precise, accurate service and consistent reliability over the long term. Through the continuous and innovative development of our factory and the quality of our related services, we prove our partnership to our decades-old and new clients alike.

What our customers say

"In our many years of cooperation, the pallets we have purchased from Bestpallet have always been of impeccable quality. They produce and deliver also fast, flexible and reliable, which is essential in today's business world. I would recommend their products and services to anyone with confidence."

Zoltán C.
Parkertech Ltd.

"Bestpallet is a company where the right expertise is combined with attention to the customer. As the name suggests, the best palette from the best."

Jozsef P.
Tu-Plast Ltd.

"Our orders are confirmed promptly and delivery deadlines are met. We consider it important that the pallets ordered do not mould, here they can ensure proper drying and heat treatment, which are supported by documents."

László E.
Popz Europe Ltd.

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