• Preparation of UIC-EUR, EPAL and special pallets
    Preparation of UIC-EUR, EPAL and special pallets

    Permanent stock, immediate service without waiting several weeks

  • Preparation of wood chips
    Preparation of wood chips

    Preparation of wood chips of different size and fineness, with high calorific value

  • Sawing on order
    Sawing on order

    We undertake the sawing of smaller or bigger tree trunks on order, with edged or unedged finish

  • Heat treatment
    Heat treatment

    We have a registered heat treatment number, and we prepare a documentation on the duration of drying and heat treatment

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Manufacture of pallets

We offer standard pallets of guaranteed quality (UIC-EUR, EPAL and shipping pallets) with immediate service, without any waiting time, available from our permanent stock. In addition to this, we offer also the production of unique pallets or painted pallets customized to your needs.

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Grinding, sawing

Grinding, sawing

By using our powerful mobile Biber 82 chipper, equipped with knives we are able to chop the waste boards to different particle size, upon request. Ranging from smaller quantities, to the service of power plants. At our site, we undertake sawing on order by using Primultini tree trunk cutter and Costa series cutting circular saw.

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Heat treatment, fumigation

Heat treatment, fumigation

Heat treatment is a part of pest control that takes place in a special heat chamber, in order to prevent the wooden material from being attacked by the various pathogens.  In order to exterminate viruses, fungi and insects, we keep the internal temperature of wood at at least 56°C for a period of 30 minutes.

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Opinions of our partners

  • Our company purchases pallets from BestPallet. They immediately confirm our purchase orders and they keep the delivery deadlines. We consider it important to avoid the ordered pallets from becoming moldy, and they are able to ensure proper drying and heat treatment which is supported by documentation. After the completion of their new plant, their capacity and stock has increased, thus the lead time of our orders is only 1-2 days.

    László E., purchaser, Popz Europe Ltd.
  • During our cooperation of several years, the pallets purchased have always been of an impeccable quality. In addition to this, they are fast, flexible and reliable, which is essential in today’s business world. I can warmly recommend their products and services to anyone.

    Zoltán C., executive, Parkertech Ltd.
  • Best Pallet manufactures pallets of excellent quality. We found it important to conclude a contract with a company which is reliable, flexible and keep the delivery deadlines. For our company, it is important to purchase materials from an audited site. I can bravely recommend Zoltán Szilágyi, with his professional experience of more than 25 years also to other companies.

    Tamás F., executive, Hódkertész Ltd.
  • Our partner is the supplier of wood industry products and pallets at our company. Based on the experience of our collaboration of several years, it can be stated that their products can be characterized by high quality. Their work can be characterized by reliability, precision, accuracy and compliance with the deadlines. They react quickly and flexibly also to our unique needs.

    Attila U., purchaser, Sanofi
  • BestPallet is the company where the right expertise is combined with customer care. As it is indicated also by their name, we purchase the best pallets from the best supplier.

    József P., Purchasing Manager, Tu-Plast Ltd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the “UIC” mark mean?

Pallets marked with the UIC and EUR trademark are protected products also in Hungary – both means of the civil and criminal law. Only those pallet manufacturers can burn the mark of the licensing railways, the “UIC” and “EUR” trademark into the pallet of 800 x 1200 mm who have the manufacturing license issued by Raili Cargo Hungaria, valid for the current year. Based on the assignment of Rail Cargo Hungary Co. Ltd., the trademark protection of EUR pallets is performed by MÁV-REC Ltd. with an exclusive right in Hungary.

Why is the heat treatment of pallets important?

The essence of heat treatment, also known as fumigation is to keep the internal structure of the timber at a temperature of at least 56°C for at least 30 minutes, in order to eliminate fungi, viruses and other insects. The heat treatment of EUR pallets is mandatory, and EUR pallets which have undergone such heat treatment and disinfection receive the ISPM 15 marking.

What is a shipping pallet?

It is a pallet that has been designed for a single journey from the supplier to the buyer; after which it can be discarded.

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